Roulette has become one of the symbols of the gambling industry. It remains one of the games that capture the attention of both regular players and casino novices as it is a great source of entertainment and gives them the chance to win impressive prizes. This explains why roulette has become an indispensable part of the gaming collections of every casino, be it a brick-and-mortar or a land-based. The technological advancement enabled players to enjoy a wide array of authentic roulette variations while they are at home or while they are on the move.

Roulette is undoubtedly among the most well-liked casino games as it offers plenty of betting options that make it an extremely exciting and intriguing game. What is more, its objective is more than simple as gamblers just need to predict the number on which the ball will eventually come to rest.

Roulette’s Brief History

history iconRoulette is one of the oldest casino games that continue attracting players’ attention. In fact, its history is wrapped in mystery and as you can probably guess, there are numerous different theories about how and when the game first appeared. According to one of the theories, the game was invented by a monk who was looking for a way to get distracted from his monotonous daily routine. Some historians, however, consider that roulette resembles a game that was played in China in which players needed to arrange 37 statuettes of animals.

Still, according to the most widespread theory the roulette wheel was invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal during the 17th century. It is considered that Pascal was trying to invent a machine that is in a perpetual motion. Yet, he failed and that is how the roulette wheel appeared. In fact, the name of the game means a “small wheel” which is definitely anything but surprising.

The wheel that was presented by Pascal also featured numbered pockets. A ball is spun in a direction that is opposite to the direction in which the wheel spins. Thus, the small white ball will start losing momentum and will eventually come to rest in one of the numbered pockets.

The next stage in roulette’s history began when two brothers from France decided to develop and improve the roulette wheel. Gradually, the game we all know now started gaining popularity and became one of the most popular casino games. When roulette was banned in France, the two brothers decided to introduce it in other European countries. Thus, it started spreading across Europe and became one of the most well-liked games.

As it turns out, roulette even reached America where the wheel also underwent some improvements. The additional zero pocket was added due to the fact that the single-zero pocket was considered to bring relatively low house advantage.

Roulette “returned” to its birthplace when King Charles decided to lift the ban from gambling in an attempt to increase the revenues of the country which was quite a successful move as casinos were frequented by predominantly by roulette lovers. That is how roulette managed to acquire an overwhelming popularity and became one of the games that are preferred by players all over the world.

Roulette Rules

As previously noted, roulette has very simple rules but at the same time provides gamblers with an extremely exciting and exhilarating gaming experience. Namely, that is one of the reasons why the game has become a real symbol of the gambling industry and it is preferred by all types of casino players. In fact, roulette is appropriate for both casino newbies and regular players which makes it even more appealing.

When it comes to the European version of the game, we should mention that there are 37 numbered pockets, whereas in the American variation the pockets are 38 as there is an additional double-zero pocket. Players simply need to predict the number on which the white ball will eventually land. They are given the opportunity to choose between a wide array of betting options. Casino fans are enabled to place their bets on a single number, on red/black, on even or odd numbers, as well as on groups of numbers.

In order to start playing, gamblers need to decide how much they want to wager by clicking on the chips. The next thing they need to do is to click on the area of the betting layout where they want to place their bet. Players can stumble upon casinos that provide them with information about the payout of the particular bet you have decided to place. Gamblers need to bear in mind that the table limits vary greatly from one casino to another, meaning that the size of the minimum and the maximum bets you can place will be different.

Once you have placed your bet, you are ready to click on the “Spin” button. The wheel will start spinning and if the small white ball comes to rest to the number you have chosen, your bet will be a winning one. It should be noted that roulette lovers are also enabled to remove all the bets that were placed by clicking on the Clear Bets button.

One more thing that is worth mentioning is that players are not required to place one and the same type of bets each time. They can place as many different bets as they prefer.

Most Preferred Roulette Variations in South Africa

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games that still enjoys great popularity. Presently, gamblers from South Africa can take advantage of a wide array of roulette variations that are equally captivating and engaging. They are presented with the option to choose between plenty of roulette variations each with its unique and specific features.

European roulette remains one of the simplest and the most preferred casino games. This particular roulette version is so well-liked as it comes with a lower house edge in comparison with American roulette. The wheel in European roulette features 37 numbered pockets. There are 18 red and 18 black pockets that alternate. There is also the single-zero pocket that is green. The house edge in European roulette is only 2.70% due to the fact that there is a single-zero pocket.

european roulette

As far as American roulette is concerned, we should mention that it has an additional double-zero pocket which, on the other hand, explains why the house edge is 5.26% which is substantially higher than the house advantage European roulette offers.

It should be noted that the way numbers are arranged in the wheel is not determined by their value. The red and the black pockets alternate completely, meaning that you cannot see adjacent pockets with one and the same colour. Additionally, low and high numbers also alternate. The only exception, however, is in European roulette where 5 and 10 are positioned next to each other. In the American wheel, on the other hand, there are many low and high numbers standing next to each other which explains why the European wheel is considered more balanced. Even and odd numbers are also evenly positioned in the wheel as there are not more than two even or odd numbers next to each other.

american roulette

As previously noted, in American roulette there are 38 numbered pockets. The main peculiarity in this variation stems from the fact that there is an additional double-zero pocket. There are 18 black and 18 red pockets. Gamblers need to bear in mind that the zero pocket and the double-zero pocket are positioned at the opposite sides of the wheel. Consecutive numbers are also distributed in the same manner. What is more, there are not pockets from the one and the same colour standing next to each other.

Players who reside in South Africa can also take advantage of French roulette which is also among the most preferred roulette variations. Still, what sets this variation apart from the rest of the variations are its table layout and the house advantage the game comes with. Here, the house advantage is 1.35%. The wheel features 37 pockets and there is a single-zero pocket. The numbers are also distributed in a different manner in comparison with the other roulette variations. The outside betting area is also different. The available betting options are also dissimilar to the options given by European and American roulette.

french roulette

Those of you who want to enjoy one of the casino classics but at the same time want to diversify their gaming experience should know that they can also take advantage of the other roulette variations that also have high entertainment value. Variations such as Mini Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, and Double Ball Roulette are only some of the options gamblers have. These variations represent the traditional roulette game in an entirely new manner thanks to the additional features they have.

Types of Bets

If you have played roulette before, you have probably noticed that the game comes with a wide array of betting options. This undoubtedly makes roulette one of the most dynamic casino games available out there. As you can probably guess, the different bets that can be placed come with different payouts. The three major types of bets that can be made on roulette are inside, outside, and call bets.

The inside bets include straight-up bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets, and line bets. These bets involve placing your chips inside the betting layout. Outside bets, on the other hand, include bets on dozens, column bets, bets on even/odd numbers, bets on low/high numbers, as well as bets on red/black.

Inside Bets

Let us start with the inside bets. If you want to make a straight-up bet, this means that you need to place your chips on a single number. Gamblers can place a single chip or several chips on the preferred number. They should bear in mind that they need to position the chips in such a way so that they do not touch the lines of the other numbers that are around the chosen one.

If the ball lands on the number you have chosen, the payoff will be 35 to 1, meaning that for each chip you have wagered, you will get 35 more chips. While placing a straight-up bet, you can wager on any of the numbers from the wheel including the single-zero and the double-zero pockets.

straight up bet

One more type of inside bets is the split bet. This bet is opposite to the straight-up bet as it involves placing your chips on the line between two adjacent numbers from the betting layout, meaning that you wager on both of the numbers simultaneously. If one of the numbers you have chosen becomes a winning one, the payout is 17 to 1. A split bet will be if you place your chips on the line between 5 and 8, or between 13 and 14, for example.

split bet

The street bet is a bet you place on a row that consists of three numbers from the betting layout. In order to place such type of bet, gamblers are required to position their chips near the first number from the row. The chips should also be positioned on the outside line of this number. If one of the three numbers comes up, you can expect a payout of 11 to 1. In other words, gamblers will get 11 more chips for each chip they have wagered.

street bet

Players, including those from South Africa, are also enabled to make corner bets or square bets as they are also known. Corner bet involves placing your chips on the line between four adjacent numbers from the betting layout. This means that gamblers need to position their chips where the borders of the four numbers intersect. An example of a corner bet will be if you position your chips between 7, 8, 10, 11 or between 11, 12, 14, 15. If one of the numbers you have chosen comes up, the payout will be 8 to 1, meaning that for each chip you have wagered, you will get 8 more chips.

corner bet

The line bet is also among the inside bets. It involves wagering on two rows that consist of three numbers each. While placing this particular bet, players cover two adjacent rows of numbers which means that they need to position their chips on the intersection between the rows they have chosen. If your bet is winning one, the payout will be 5 to 1.

line bet

Outside Bets

Gamblers who prefer spinning the wheel are also enabled to place outside bets. As previously noted, outside bets involve wagering on certain groups of numbers or on red/black numbers. This time, players need to position their chips outside the area from the betting layout where the numbers are placed.

While making outside bets gamblers are enabled to wager on odd/even numbers. It should be noted that the numbers from 1 to 18 are also known as even numbers, whereas those from 19 to 36 are known as odd. Players can wager either on the 18 even or on the 18 odd numbers depending on their preferences. If one of the numbers you have chosen comes up, you will be paid even money. In other words, the payout will be 1 to 1.

odd even bet

Bets on high/low numbers involve placing your chips in one of the boxes that are labeled like this “1-18” and “19-36”. Low numbers are the numbers from 1 to 18, whereas the numbers from 19 to 36 are high ones. Winning bets on high/low numbers will also bring players even money.

high low bet

Column bets are also among the outside bets. This time gamblers need to predict whether the winning number will be from the first, the second or the third column. Each column consists of twelve numbers and comprises the numbers that are alongside the betting layout. At the end of each column, there are boxes, labeled “2 to 1” where you need to position your chips. If your bet is a winning one, meaning that one of the twelve numbers has come up, the payout will be 2 to 1.

column bet

Players can also wager on dozens. As you will probably notice, there are three groups of twelve numbers that are known as dozens. In order to place such a bet, players need to position their chips in one of the boxes labeled “1st 12”, “2nd 12” or “3rd 12”. This bet comes with a 2 to 1 payoff.

dozen bet

Gamblers are also enabled to wager no red/black, meaning that they are trying to predict whether the winning number will be red or black. Winning bets will bring you 1 to 1 payoff.

black red bet

Call Bets

Call bets are also among the wide array of the betting options roulette offers. Still, it should be noted that these bets can be placed only while playing European and the French roulette. These bets are placed in an additional area which is known as a racetrack. There, the numbers are arranged in the same manner as the numbers from the wheel. These bets involve wagering on certain groups of numbers.

One of the available options is the Voisins du Zero bet that involves wagering on the numbers between 22 to 25.

neighbours of zero bet

Tiers du Cylindre involves wagering on the numbers between 27 and 33. The Orphelins bet covers the 8 remaining numbers.

orphans bet

Software suppliers

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The advance in technologies we have witnessed over the past decade gave players, including those from South Africa, the opportunity to enjoy their favourite casino game and its numerous variations in a wide variety of web-based casinos. As a matter of fact, hardly there is a casino operator that has not included roulette in its gaming collection simply because the game is one of the most sought-after casino offerings.

This explains why most of the software suppliers have created their own roulette variations. Developers such as Playtech, NetEnt, Play’n GO, Evolution Gaming, and Betsoft have undoubtedly created some of the most outstanding roulette variations as they feature superb visual and sound effects that will give you an extremely authentic gaming experience. While players are wagering they will feel just like they are enjoying their favourite game in a brick-and-mortar casino as the wheel and the betting layout strikingly resembles the ones that can be found in land-based casinos. One more thing that contributes to the authentic gaming experience is that the results from each round are announced by virtual dealers. What further adds to the merits of the titles, developed by these suppliers is that their offerings feature an interface that is extremely easy to navigate, meaning that you will not face any difficulties while spinning the wheel or placing your bets.

What is more, there are also numerous roulette variations that come with several additional features that aim at further improving your gaming experience. Roulette lovers, including those from South Africa, can also go for less traditional roulette variations such as Mini Roulette or Multi Wheel Roulette. Additionally, there are roulette games that give gamblers the chance to win some mind-blowing prizes at they feature progressive jackpots. No matter which variation players from South Africa will choose, they can be sure that they will enjoy an extremely exciting and thrilling gaming experience.

Playing Roulette on the Go

Nowadays, players, including those from South Africa are given the chance to engage in their favourite roulette game even when they are on the move. A large number of the web-based casinos have definitely paid special attention to their customers’ convenience as their websites are mobile-responsive. Players are enabled to visit the preferred casino’s website from the browsers of their portable devices. They can do so simply because the software of most of the casinos is compatible with some of the most widespread operating systems which give players an extremely easy access to their favourite roulette variations.

Still, some online casinos also offer applications that can be downloaded from their websites. These apps run smoothly on smartphones of some of the most widespread brands and the operating systems they use. It should be noted that gamblers who use iOS-run devices are also enabled to download gambling apps directly from Apple App Store. Unfortunately, if you have an Android-run device, you will not have the chance to download any real-money apps from Google Play as this is against their policy. If you own such a device, you can still visit the preferred casino’s website and enjoy the roulette variations you like or download the native apps, if the casino offers such.


A large number of the gamblers wonder whether playing roulette online is safe. In fact, most of the trustworthy web-based casinos hold valid licenses, issued by the gambling authorities and undergo tests on a regular basis in order to guarantee that the results from the games are fair and unbiased. That is why we can advise players from South Africa to look for such casinos as this will guarantee them a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Recently, gamblers are presented with a wide array of payment options such as debit/credit cards, numerous e-wallets, bank transfers, and various others. Most of the established casino operators strive to provide their customers with a wide variety of options so that they could find the one they consider most suitable for them. Gamblers need to fund their casino account using one of the supported payment solutions. They can do so simply by going to the Cashier and select the option that best suits their preferences.

When you want to withdraw your winnings, you again need to head to the Cashier. Gamblers need to select one of the supported withdrawal options and provide the required banking information. Still, gamblers need to bear in mind that it may take some time for the withdrawals to be processed. Gamblers who reside in South Africa may also wonder whether they can access their favourite roulette variations via the portable device they own. They do not need to worry about this either as there is an abundance of apps and instant-play games that are compatible with most of the widespread operating systems smartphones run on.

The answer to this question is yes as casino operators strive to grab players’ attention not only by offering broad gaming collections but also by providing them with numerous advantageous bonuses and promotional offerings. Players are presented with numerous excellent promotional offerings but they still need to make sure that they have acquainted themselves with the terms and conditions of the preferred casino.