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History of Live Casino Games

The iGaming industry has been growing steadily and managed to attract the attention of numerous virtual players all around the world. Nowadays the gaming options available online are so many that casino patrons are having a hard time choosing the title they would like to play. However, one of the main complaints about web-based gambling has always been that they cannot compete with the excitement at brick-and-mortar casinos. This was the reason why gaming developers have been working on making online gaming just as fun as its land-based alternative.

The changes in the iGaming industry have led to the launching of Live Casino games which are essentially live streams of table games, played at purpose-built studios or at land-based casinos. This new category of games introduced a brand new way of having fun while gambling at a virtual casino.

In a few years, several software providers established themselves as leading companies for live-dealer games and their Live Casino studios started appearing in different countries across Europe and Asia. Thanks to the newest innovation in streaming technology, virtual players can enjoy a gaming experience of a brand new level of excellence.

Not only Live Casino games have taken the iGaming industry by storm but now players can enjoy a wide range of live-dealer options even on their mobile devices. This makes interactive gaming even more convenient and entertaining. As this category gains more popularity, new variations of Live Casino games appear on the market.

Live Casino Studios Elements and Technology

The technology behind Live Casinos is far from simple and it takes quite a few elements to build a proper Live Casino Studio. Thankfully, there have been several software companies that have developed some of the best live-dealer games and they know how to utilize the best streaming technique.

The technology used for live streams is called Optical Camera Recognition (OCR). It captures all of the key elements in a gaming room and then via a video link, it broadcasts the game to virtual players. Usually, there is a console that allows players to place the bets they would like to make. In most cases, there is a Live Chat option which will allow players to ask for assistance while playing. Thanks to the Optical Camera Recognition, every shuffling of cards, the spin of the roulette wheel and the dealing of hands is traced carefully. This way players can enjoy a very realistic gaming adventure. The entire broadcast, however, will not be the same if any of the key elements is missing.

Web Cameras

Probably the most important aspect of every broadcast are the cameras. Back in the days, this type of equipment used to be quite heavy and bulky. Thankfully, times have changed and so did the technology. Modern cameras are much lighter but at the same time, they shoot in a high definition. This way every single action can be captured and the quality of streams is significantly better.

Usually, there are at least three web cameras in every studio. This way players have the opportunity to follow the gameplay from different angles and see up-close every element of the game. The aforementioned Optical Camera Recognition allows players from different parts of the world feel as though they are in the Live Casino studio where the game is being broadcasted. This technology features a low tenancy program which eliminates any interruptions that may be caused by other networks.

Live Dealers

Although live dealers are not a necessary element in some Live Casino games, it is the presence of real croupier that makes most of the games very authentic and fun. Playing against the dealer gives players the rush they would feel when they gamble at land-based casinos. Due to the advanced streaming technology, virtual casino patrons are able to follow every move of the dealer and make sure that each game is conducted in accordance with the standard rules.

As more and more online players enjoy playing live-dealer games, there have been plenty of options that use foreign speaking dealers. This way many players will have the chance to enjoy their favourite games in their native languages.

Game Control Unit

When we are talking about crucial Live Casino elements, it can be said that the Game Control Unit is probably the most important one. Although it is with the size of a shoebox, it has a very important role in the streaming of table games broadcasts. This device encodes the feed which is delivered to the players. This way the Game Control Unit helps dealers tremendously in conducting every live-streamed game.

Wheel and Table

These are also key elements of every live-dealer game. There would be no game if the table and wheel, that we are so used to seeing at brick-and-mortar casinos, are not present. Those who are fans of roulette, for example, will be more than pleased to find out that the Live Casino games available online utilize a classic roulette wheel.

Another important feature of live-dealer games are the tables. They resemble the classic table layout that so many gambling fans have seen at high-class land-based casinos. This is why online players will have no issue playing any Live Casino game as it will be a complete duplicate of the original that is being played at brick-and-mortar casino across the world.

To ensure that players will be able to observe every move in the game, both the roulette wheels and tables of live-dealer games have sensors. Thanks to them the results of every game are converted into data which is transmitted to the players at the online casino.


Last but not least, is the monitor. This is yet another key element of Live Casinos and it helps players keep a track of the game they are playing. In fact, the monitor also has a major role in helping both the players and the dealer to follow the results of the game. This way there should not be any confusion that otherwise may occur due to the fast pace of the game.

The dealer uses the monitor to stay informed about the number of players that have joined the table and also see the best they have placed. As for the players, the monitor shows them when they can make bets and when there are no more wagers allowed. The monitor is an important part of every table game that is live streamed. It is all thanks to this element that players and dealers keep a track of the gameplay.

Top Live Casino Studios

live casino iconIf we are talking about live-dealer games, we should definitely mention some of the best Live Casino Studios in the world. The latter utilizes the newest and most innovative technology that allows high-quality streams that can easily make one forget that he/she is not playing at a land-based gambling facility.

Thanks to the previously mentioned OCR technology, players have the chance to immerse completely in their online gambling adventures. Only the best Live Casino studios provide the opportunity to enjoy streams with high definition and games that resemble the tables at the classiest land-based casinos.

Currently, Europe and Asia are the two continents that are homes to some of the best Live Casino Studios. There are many popular brick-and-mortar casinos that serve as inspirations for the games that are provided to Live Casino fans. Macau, Singapore and the Philippines are the three major centres in Asia where the best Live Casino Studios are based. There are plenty of online players who enjoy games that carry the charm of Macau which is considered the gambling capital of the world. To further confirm the popularity of Asian Live Casino studios, we will mention that the headquarters of one of the biggest gaming developers, Playtech, is located in the Philippines.

As it was mentioned earlier, there is an entire host of Live Casino studios across Europe. Some of the main locations are Spain, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Ireland and Isle of Man. Malta is also among the top locations for Live Casino studios. It is no wonder that so many gambling enthusiasts consider the island country for the European Mecca of gambling.

Leading Live Casino Software Providers

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If you are among the fans of live-dealer games, you will notice that there are several leading software providers that power the most innovative and rewarding Live Casino games at online casinos. When it comes to good live casino games, there are certain criteria that the following software companies meet with ease. This is why interactive players can enjoy high-definition streams, games with advanced betting options and rewarding payouts.

Evolution Gaming

It is no doubt that many virtual players consider Evolution Gaming the leader in the Live Casino scene. This is all due to its amazing studios across Europe and Asia. The games powered by the company impress with a classy design of tables, professional dealers and advanced betting options that make every game more interesting and rewarding.

In addition to classic Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Casino Hold’em, the gaming developer has launched various other options that offer VIP tables with exclusive betting limits. There are also quite a lot of table games that provide players with an enormous amount of fun and fruitful payouts.

Thanks to the popularity of Live Casino games powered by Evolution Gaming, the software company managed to open its first purpose-built studio outside Europe in Vancouver, Canada. This has definitely contributed to the further popularization of live-dealer games. Now, Canadian virtual players have the chance to enjoy live-dealer games which are being broadcasted from a state-of-the-art Live Casino studio. Evolution Gaming definitely knows what are the key factors that make a live-dealer game exciting and rewarding and this is why so many players prefer games powered by the leading software provider.


The thing that excites more and more online players is the fact that live-dealer games are very similar to the ones played at land-based casinos. In fact, many players find it very convenient that they can enjoy an authentic gambling adventure without leaving the comfort of their homes. When it comes to realistic casino adventures, Playtech definitely knows how to provide them. The company is the largest software provider of Live Casino games in Europe and Asia.

Playtech offers plenty of live-dealer games that can suit the needs of players who speak English, Spanish and Italian. For those who prefer a dealer who is fluent in Mandarin or Russian, the software company has also provided several gaming options. Virtual players are guaranteed to have plenty of fun at Playtech Live Casinos. On top of that, they can enjoy generous payouts if they play live-dealer games powered by the leading software supplier.

The company’s Live Casino variants flaunt a high quality of video and sound effects. The games powered by Playtech have a simple design and they are always extremely easy to be navigated. Titles with different payouts and betting limits give players the freedom to choose the game that will fit their taste the best.


Another leading gaming provider for Live Casino games is NetEnt. Although some might think of the software supplier mainly as a company that designs slots, there are several fun and rewarding live-dealer table games powered by NetEnt. It was in 2013 when the company launched its first Live Casino in Malta. The tables that it offers are opened 24/7 and virtual players from different parts of the world can enjoy top-class betting adventures.

All of the live-dealer roulette versions provided by NetEnt come with a racetrack option. This shows that players can benefit from different advanced options when they play at a NetEnt Live Casino. In addition to that, the software company has also decided to offer players a roulette version that does not need a real dealer. Automatic Roulette has replaced the dealer element with a machine that uses a compressed air to shoot the roulette ball in the spinning wheel. The pocket where the ball settles is traced with the help of sensors.

NetEnt definitely knows how to offer innovative gaming products that make each player’s experience more authentic, thrilling and rewarding at the same time. The company is one of the leading suppliers of live-dealer games and many virtual players enjoy its games online.

Live Casino Games South African Players Can Enjoy

If you are wondering what type of games can be played by South African interactive players, you will be surprised with the diversity they are presented online. Fans of classic casino entertainment will be more than happy with the plethora of table games that they can play with real dealers. Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Casino Hold’em will entertain each casino member from South Africa.

Live Blackjack

If you are a fan of the game of 21, you will find many live-dealer blackjack version at online casinos. Players from different parts of the world, including South Africa, will enjoy playing against real professional dealers. If you are keen on playing with higher stakes, you can always explore your options and go for a live blackjack variation that offers exclusive higher betting limits.

The diversity that virtual players will enjoy is more than enough to please even the most demanding blackjack enthusiast. Among the most popular Live Casino variation of the game, you will find titles that allow various advanced features. For example, until recently, the maximum players that were able to join a single table were seven. However, Common Draw Blackjack powered by NetEnt allows more players to enjoy the game at the same time.

The fact that there are newer and more innovative blackjack variants appearing on the scene gives online players the opportunity to enjoy numerous live-dealer options. Among the advanced features of Live Casino blackjack, gaming enthusiasts will be able to enjoy VIP tables that accept only one player at the time. This definitely makes each online casino member’s experience more unique and entertaining.

Live Roulette

Roulette has always been one of the signature games at both online and land-based casinos. This is why the game has plenty of live-dealer variations as well. The great thing is that virtual players will be able to find Live Casino versions of European, French and American roulette. This is done so that the gaming options can suit the taste of every type of roulette fan.

In addition to the traditional roulette versions, interactive players will also have the chance to test their luck on other live-dealer roulette options. There are also versions that have included a racetrack that gives players the chance to place call bets.

Live Casino roulette games use live dealers who make the entire experience more authentic and fun. Thanks to the sensors placed on the wheel, roulette enthusiasts are able to follow the movement of the ball and the socket where it settles. There are multiplayer live-dealer variants of roulette as well. They allow players to join their fellow roulette fans on the same table and make the experience a lot more authentic.

Live Baccarat

Back in the days, baccarat used to be a game only for high-rollers. Thankfully, nowadays, there are numerous online variations of the game that can suit the budget of different players. These include Live Casino baccarat versions. Interesting fact about the game is that it was among the first casino classics that were broadcasted at Live Casinos. Thanks to the advanced streaming technologies players from across the world have the opportunity to enjoy this snazzy game in the comfort of their own homes.

It is the interaction with the dealer that makes this game so entertaining. The lack of real dealer is the reason why so many players do not enjoy playing the online version of baccarat. However, thanks to the live-dealer baccarat options that are available at various interactive casinos, players can now enjoy an authentic casino experience.

Another feature contributes to the realistic feel of Live Casino baccarat. Thanks to the Live Chat option players can communicate with the dealer. This feature can also be used to chat with the rest of the players who have joined the same table.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a very popular game among poker fans. Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is an extremely entertaining rendition of the game and online players can find it at numerous Live Casinos. Players from different parts of the world, including South Africa, will have the chance to join a live stream of Casino Hold’em. As soon as you join a table, you will notice that you will not compete against the rest of the poker fans who have joined the same room as you. In Live Dealer Casino Hold’em players must beat the hand of the live dealer.

Some live-dealer version of Casino Hold’em will also include a casino employee who shuffles the deck with cards after it has been played. In order to play against the next hand of the dealer, players are asked to place an Ante Bet. Thanks to the advanced streaming technology, poker fans will be able to immerse themselves completely in the game.

Yet again, players can communicate with the dealer or other participants in the game via the Live Chat option. Live Dealer Casino Hold’em gives online players the chance to enjoy an authentic casino entertainment and apply some of their favourite poker strategies.


It depends on the virtual casino where you play at. You might have to download the software of the interactive casino and install it on your desktop computer. Another alternative is to access the website of the interactive casino via your browser and play as soon as you log into your account. You can join a table and simply watch the game before you decide to make real-money bets.

Yes. Thanks to the high definition of streams and the Optical Camera Recognition technology, players will be able to see every card that is being dealt, follow the spin of the wheel and see where the roulette ball lands. Live Casino games allow players to keep a track of every key element of the gameplay.

In most cases, live-dealer games require players to open a real-money account before they can join a room. That being said, once you top up your gaming balance, you can simply pick a room to join and watch while other players are making bets. This way you will be able to get used to the gameplay without losing your money.